Ocean Park was presented with three Brass Ring Awards by The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), namely “Most Creative Property-wide Event: Annual Attendance More than 1 Million” and “Most Creative Halloween Haunt, Show, or Experience” under the “Live Entertainment Excellence” category and “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” under the “Excellence in Marketing” category at this year’s IAAPA Expo held in Orlando, Florida, recognising Ocean Park in providing world-class entertainment experience and effective marketing strategies. In the past nine years, Ocean Park has received a total of 10 “Live Entertainment Excellence” awards, reaffirming the Park’s achievements.

Founded in 1918 and with over 5,300 facility, supplier and individual members from more than 100 countries, IAAPA serves to raise overall standards in theme park and amusement facilities worldwide. Its Brass Ring Awards have long been an industrial symbol of excellence. Ocean Park won the “Most Creative Property-wide Event: Annual Attendance More than 1 Million” Brass Ring Award with Summer Carnimal 2018, the Park’s biggest ever summer festivity. The Park invested more than HK$37 million and invited over a hundred talented, award-winning performers from all over the world to present captivating shows and performances for guests in Summer Carnimal 2018. The Park also presented an array of delectable summer dishes and summer-themed limited-edition merchandises, all together brought a dynamic summer celebration.

At the same time, Ocean Park garnered “Most Creative Halloween Haunt, Show, or Experience” Brass Ring Award with Halloween Fest 2017’s biggest show, “Hell’s Grand Finale”. Set in a haunted movie theatre, the performance featured pop music, energetic dance, magic and acrobatic acts, with high technologies such as holographic video projections and interactive LED wall to enhance the visual effects, bringing a thrilling and surprising Halloween performance to guests.

In addition, Ocean Park was awarded “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” Brass Ring Award under the “Excellence in Marketing” category with Drink’N Music Fest 2018. The Park developed comprehensive marketing strategies, leveraging traditional and new publicity channels in different phases to reach target audience, which successfully raised public awareness of the event and built positive reputation to the Park.

Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “We are proud to be able to stand out from the world’s excellent peers. Our professional team has always strived to innovate and create unforgettable world-class entertainment experience for our guests. In the past nine years, Ocean Park has won a total of 10 “Live Entertainment Excellence” Brass Ring Awards, which reaffirms our accomplishments in this aspect. In the upcoming Christmas Sensation next month, we continue to surprise our guests with an amusing performance, the first ever McDull music theatre show “McDull‧Fishball On The Run”, starring Hong Kong’s iconic cartoon character McDull to be staged at Applause Pavilion in Ocean Park.”

Matthias Li continued, “Apart from providing quality entertainment experience, we are also committed to enhancing the world-class theme park image and seize business opportunities. We actively promote our forthcoming events and latest information to general public through comprehensive marketing campaigns. The Brass Ring Award exemplifies our marketing excellence. We will continue to strive to become a world-class theme park resort.”

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