Guide for Indian Outbound Planners of MICE & Destination Weddings

 The definitive guide for Outbound Planners of MICE & Weddings, the annual Handbook is supported by the
TMF Newsroom in connecting Planners with Destinations.

Experiential Planner Handbook

Your key to the Indian MICE + Wedding Market
  • The Experiential Planner Communication Package is designed based on the need of the hour of planners

  • Key information about Destinations / Services at the finger tip of the planner through the Annual EP Handbook

  • Information on each partner is presented in a specifically designed template and a dedicated profile

  • Regular updates of Destination / Service news, offers, developments through our dedicated newsroom, social and digital media channels through the year.

The Experiential Planner Handbook has proved to be one of the most effective ways for Destination Partners to stay relevant
and in the ‘top of mind’ consideration for planners.

Indian Outbound Planners

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Looking for inspiration, ideas and resources for your next destination event?
The TMF Newsroom is an extension of the handbook to give you just that.

International Destinations, Venues & Suppliers

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