The 1st ever International edition of JK White Cement Gold Dealers Conference was held in Bangkok on August 7th 2018.  The event was successfully executed by Gulshan Rathor Event Studio, a newly launched agency headquartered in New Delhi.

The theme of the event, ‘WOW – The World of Winners’, was jointly conceptualized and developed by JK White Cement team and the agency while the content development for the event was masterfully handled by

The spectacular setup, highly entertaining performers and a charming host Pragya Tiwari made for a wonderful evening. Around 100 guests gathered at the event, which included JK White Cement brand custodians and Gold Dealers from various regions. The conference was aimed at strengthening the channel partners’ bond with the company as well as celebrating their accomplishments by making them feel like an integral part of the family.

The event kick-started with a powerful AV that enthralled the audience and set the tempo for an exciting evening ahead. This was followed by impeccable performances which included acrobats, contortionist & local Thai acts. The most appreciated act of the night was the international dancers performing on foot-tapping Bollywood numbers. Another major highlight of the event was the uniquely conducted award ceremony, which stood out for its unique presentation style and was truly appreciated by everyone.  Niranjan Mishra – President Marketing (JK White Cement) motivated the gathering with his inspiring keynote address.

Nitish Chopra, Head – Strategy & Branding (JK White Cement) applauded the seamless planning behind organizing the event and the flawless delivery of the show.

Speaking about the success of the event, Gulshan Rathor – MD, Event Studio said, “We’re thankful to JK Cement for extending the opportunity one more time. The major roadblock in this event was to make sure that the entertainment was locally procured and also curated well enough for the audience to enjoy. We’re glad that we were able to honour the trust placed by the brand.”

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