Each year, Asian Paints celebrates the achievements and milestones of all the members of its family of dealers from across the country, chosen based on sales targets and rewarded with an incentive trip to a foreign destination. This year, the destinations were Budapest (Hotel Kempinski) and Vienna (Hotel Hilton) as the destinations are not only home to royal history and architecture, but also to vision and innovation, from April 28, 2018 to May 12, 2018. The brief was to curate a splendid celebration for the members of Asian Paints Privilege Club with the objective of giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Keeping the theme and objective in mind, the seed of thought led to the birth of a plan – to create an experience that would make the members of Asian Paints Privilege Club feel like Visionaries. The invitation was made in the form of a ‘light-box’ that would glow when the invitation letter was pulled out.

The trip commenced with the welcome dinner that was organised in the historic Hungarian Railway Museum. The highlight of this evening was that the guests travelled in an exclusive train with historic wagons over a 100 years old. Even at the venue, there were multiple trains that were used for photo-opportunities as well as partitions between event areas. The show began with Asian Paints COO Mr. Amit Syngle’s entry on a historical train along with a group of Dancers which left everyone stunned.

The group was kept engaged throughout the itinerary with exciting activities and theme dinners planned for every day. The fifth and the final day was the Gala Night. The theme this year was ‘Night of the Future’ and the entire venue was decorated accordingly. There were performances by famous International artists like Ana Yang who displayed the astonishing Bubble Act and Steven Brundage who is also known as the Rubik’s Cube Magician. Apart from these acts, there were also performances by the Hormuzd Khambata’s Dance Troupe who helped in revealing Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year – Passion Flower.

The highlight of the evening was the talk session by Mr. Neil Harbisson who is the World’s first official Cyborg.
The group was also taken for multiple sight-seeing tours including venues like Visegrad Castle where they witnessed an exclusive Knights’ Tournament, a Shooting Range that was booked exclusively, an exclusive tram ride from Schonbrunn Palace to the hotel, along with the usual sight-seeing spots like Heroes Square, Parliament House, Buda Castle, Monastery Vineyard, etc.

Encompass has developed a strong relationship with Asian Paints over the past 17 years. Both companies have since worked on every event as partners more than client-agency. The Privilege Club Annual Conventions have since been managed by Encompass year on year apart from multiple other events and campaigns throughout the year.

Talking about the event, Rohan Patil, Associate Vice President – Encompass Mumbai said, “Encompass has always been the preferred agency for Asian Paints events and conventions, the challenge is always to do better from what you have done last time. Hence its important to curate new and lasting experiences that leave a mark. The 20 odd day trip was definitely a challenge but to see the smile on the faces of clients and dealer partners at the end of the day made it all worth it!”

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